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2019 Labeda Cup Division 4

Team Standings

1st through 0th place makes the playoffs.
1Tour For A Cure65101031125.172.00
2Portland Rosebuds6510102393.831.50
3Chronic Masticators5410832156.403.00
5Holton Hears A Stu5221512212.404.20
6LV Kings5230420194.003.80
7Leather Heads5230411202.204.00
9RPA Security412138212.005.25
10Detroit Revo413029182.254.50
11Snipers 4031111192.754.75
12Modelo HC404008192.004.75

Scoring Leaders

R Name Team G A P
1Harbir, JeremyCollusion13720
2Dreiling, DevinChronic Masticators14519
3Irelan, TaylorChronic Masticators9514
 Miaymoto, KellyCollusion8614
 Newman, WaltChronic Masticators7714
6Willoughby, SteveTour For A Cure7613
 Maffie, ZackPortland Rosebuds5813
8Maughan, ScottLV Kings9312
9Whitelock, SeanTour For A Cure6511
 Warner, ChuckTour For A Cure7411
11Witten, JamesLV Kings279
 Deguire, JeffChronic Masticators189
 Lefevere, CollinCollusion639
14Krajeski, NickPortland Rosebuds538
 Smith, JoshHolton Hears A Stu538
 Berry, RickPortland Rosebuds178
 Whitmore, TrevorPortland Rosebuds268
 Hansson, AndyAztecs448
 Aztecs, ConnorAztecs448
20Kelly, TylerAztecs707
 Kapiciak, AndyCollusion257
 Hayton, ChasePortland Rosebuds527
 Suquett, AlecSnipers 347
24Sidnel, ChrisModelo HC156
 Reilly, PatTour For A Cure156
 Bingeman, JeffTour For A Cure426
 McCann, CalebLV Kings336
28Carlos, DanielLeather Heads415
 Lewis, MattTour For A Cure055
 Evans, AnthonyLeather Heads235
 Mullis, BrandonLV Kings415
 Harewicz, YanLV Kings145
 Longley, LaurenRPA Security235
34Baba, JakeModelo HC404
 Barbeau, JoeTour For A Cure134
 Tazique, ChrisRPA Security314
 Brandon, MarkCollusion044
 Martinez, GustanoSnipers 314
 Omara, KirkDetroit Revo314
 Timby, KylerCollusion224
 Courtney, AlexDetroit Revo314
 Meyer, CoreyLV Kings044
 Parson, RichLV Kings134
44Amioto, MeganHolton Hears A Stu123
 Cuelllar, DanteSnipers 303
 Weider, RalphPortland Rosebuds123
 Reilly, GayatriTour For A Cure213
 Bride, DavidAztecs123
 Vasquez, MartinLeather Heads123
 Ravenelle, AndrewLV Kings033
 Alanis, JonModelo HC213
 Aztecs, KimmieAztecs033
 Benton, BekaHolton Hears A Stu123
 Camber, RyanModelo HC123
 Tramea, AlexLeather Heads213
 Van Buytene, RickHolton Hears A Stu123
 Aztecs, JohannaAztecs033
 Aztecs, EmilyAztecs213
 Kowalski, RyanDetroit Revo033
 Trex, DaveChronic Masticators123
 Aztecs, NicoAztecs123
 Rogers, AlPortland Rosebuds303
 Rummelein, ChuckChronic Masticators033
 Fletcher, PaulTour For A Cure303
65Nani, DanielPortland Rosebuds112
 Huizar, VictorSnipers 022
 Critchfield, SpencerSnipers 112
 Baba, ScottModelo HC022
 Santangelo, MattHolton Hears A Stu202
 McElroy, BritneyHolton Hears A Stu202
 Banaszak, NickDetroit Revo202
 Aztecs, ShawnAztecs202
 Lewis, OscarLeather Heads112
 Gutierrez, DavidLeather Heads112
 Evanko, KyleDetroit Revo022
 Tocco, NickHolton Hears A Stu022
 Aztecs, KristenAztecs022
 Aztecs, RamiroAztecs022
 Gomes, JohnRPA Security202
80Martinez, DanielSnipers 101
 Pierce, DanRPA Security011
 Mcmanus, JimChronic Masticators011
 Engle, AndrewModelo HC011
 Ropelle, RyanRPA Security011
 Booth, JimDetroit Revo011
 Flynn, RobCollusion011
 Seymour, StuartHolton Hears A Stu011
 Boike, NickDetroit Revo011
 Farinelli, MikeDetroit Revo011
 James, MartinSnipers 011
 Mcpharlin, FrankDetroit Revo011
 Cano, RichardSnipers 011
 Wayne, BruceRPA Security101
 Schaening, KevinDetroit Revo101
 Valentin, ToddRPA Security011
 Aztecs, ShayneAztecs011